Jaaxy Review

Product: Jaaxy

Overall Ranking: 97 points out of 100

Price: Free trial (30 searches); Pro ($49 per month); Enterprise ($99 per month)

Owners: Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)

Website: https://www.jaaxy.com

Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Jaaxy – Overview

If you’re an internet marketer, you know how important finding the right keywords is. It’s essential if you’re trying to get free traffic into your website. Choosing a tool that will make your job easier is crucial. Especially if you need help to find new or related words to target. Not to mention the possibility to discovering the pages that will give you the most traffic. When thinking about that, I decided write this review about Jaaxy, which I think it can be considered the best free keyword tool in the market.

Online marketers need traffic to generate more sales. And the way to do that is to create quality content that includes targeted keywords. Jaaxy works by gathering data from the various search engines, your competition, and the number of pages ranking for a particular keyword. This type of data is essential for you to decide whether that particular keyword will help your page being ranked well in the search engines.

Speed is key. Jaaxy collects precise metrics in a matter of seconds. The information it provides is very easy to understand, which makes it very untroublesome for the user. In addition, there are extensive training videos available in the help session. It’ll give you everything you need to master keyword research.

It’s mobile friendly. Research can be done in the convenience of mobile devices without the need of downloading unnecessary software.


  • Quickly collects and analyzes data
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Data accuracy
  • Mobile friendly
  • No additional software needed
  • Free trial
  • No up sells


  • Only available in English
  • There’s no way to target either local or global searches – an important feature at times
  • The most affordable pricing plan (Pro) may be too expensive to beginners
  • Some features may not be used at all


Who is Jaaxy For?

Any online marketer that sees keyword research as an essential and profitable activity, including:


Search engines are the most important mean of getting traffic for bloggers. With that being said, if you have access to a list of high traffic keywords that you can use in your articles, I’m sure you’d be interested to learn more.

Niche Marketers

Keyword research. The majority of niche marketers are also blogging, so Jaaxy can be very useful to find long tail keywords. In addition, the tool can be used to research new niche opportunities. For example, say you want to start a new niche. Competition in this case is not the only thing to consider, but a very important factor to take into consideration.

Domain Flippers

Domain flippers don’t worry about competition too much. But one thing they can do is to check whether any word or long tail keyword is available as a domain using .com, .net, or .org for example. This can be done with the Pro and Enterprise paid memberships.


SEO freelancers can certainly use the power of Jaaxy keyword tool research to make their jobs more effective in a shorter period of time.


The free version should be enough to get beginners started as it provides 30 searches for free. Essentially, the user can type a keyword in the search box before the tool delivers a set of numerous ideas that are related to that particular word.

Jaaxy Metrics

The following metrics are the information you need to make an educated decision about the keywords you should use on your project.

Avg: The average number of searches per month based on data provided by Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Traffic: The number of visits your site will get if it ever ranks on Google’s first result page. It’s important to point out that this is the lowest possible number so don’t be surprised if your page gets more clicks.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): The number of websites competing for the same keyword

KQI: A 3-color quality indicator that helps you choosing better keywords

SEO: It shows you how easy/difficult it is to get ranked on the search’s first page
Jaaxy Keywork Tool

Jaaxy Tools

Domains: Easily find available (.com, .net, .org) domains

Alphabet Soup: Use Google to find new keyword ideas

Search History: Access your unlimited list of saved results with one click

Search Analysis: Analyze your competition’s websites. This tool will give you access to metrics like backlinks, post/page length, Alexa rank, page rank, and more.

Affiliate Programs: Find affiliate programs with ease. A very helpful tool for niche marketers

Brainstorm: Have access to the latest trends on sites like Google Trends, Amazon, and Twitter

Site Rank: Know exactly where your site stands in the search results

Jaaxy Affiliate Program: Recommend Jaaxy on your site and get paid a commission of 50% even if you’re in the free membership

As you can see, these tools can be very helpful on your research. Just imagine doing all these manually. We’re talking days of work simplified in just a few minutes.

How to Use Jaaxy

It’s pretty obvious you use it for keyword research you may want to use in blogs or new niche research. But some advantages of Jaaxy is find exact keywords to target in your ad campaigns, or even choosing a profitable domain.

Blog Keyword Research

You must be wondering how you analyze the search results. Let’s look into that. One thing is for certain, your number one goal is to get ranked on the first page of search engines. Following are the rules you need to follow to achieve that goal:

1. Have Avg over 50. Simply, you want to make sure people are using your keyword

2. Your QSR should be under 75. It’s important to point out that we’re assuming your website is not an authority yet. If so, look to compete with no more than 75 websites.

3. KQI is green. A green KQI simply tells you those are better keywords to pick

4. SEO over 90. Keywords that have SEO over 90 tell you it’ll be easier to rank on the first page of searches

Jaaxy Keyword Search

Repeat this process over and over. Then make sure you save your searches so you can refer to them later. You’ll then have a list of keywords that you can refer to the next article you’ll be writing. Pick one that you like, then follow the next steps:

  • Make sure the keyword makes sense in English, then include it in the title and first paragraph of the article
  • Write naturally. Don’t forget to include relevant, and unique content
  • Include the meta title and description
  • Add a relevant description to your pictures’ Alt tags

Niche Research

For niche research, there are three things you need to take into consideration:

  1. Avg of at least 300
  2. QSR under 300
  3. Check to see which websites have the first 3 positions on Google. The goal is to see if there are any other niche and big authority sites.

The opportunities you can discover this way are countless. For beginners though, it’s important to work on one project at a time.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Domain Name Research

Checking domain availability is easier than with other tools. Just type a keyword to find the results. You can even pick some and resell them in sites like Flippa or GoDaddy.

You can also use Jaaxy for your ad campaigns. It won’t tell you how much your bid needs to be but you can certainly find more keyword ideas than Google or Bing themselves.


As mentioned earlier, Jaaxy has three membership levels; free, pro, and enterprise.

  • The Free membership is great for you to have a feel for it. You’ll get 30 search with it. Unfortunately, without access to the tools.
  • The $19/mo Pro membership is great for beginners but I think experienced marketers can benefit from it as well. It’s got 3 times faster research results than the free version
  • The Enterprise membership cost is $49/mo. It’s ideal for experienced internet marketers that work on many projects and many websites at a time.

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

If you think about the benefits Jaaxy provides, I think it offers a really fair price. The return you’ll get with its keyword suggestions might pay off the yearly cost in just one blog. Based on my research and experience with Jaaxy, I can conclude:

  • It’s a very reliable keyword tool
  • It’s fun and easy to work with
  • It lists detailed information
  • It provides very fast results

Best of all, it was created by the same guys that created Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommendation platform to build a website, create traffic, and earn revenue.

So my final opinion of this great keyword tool is the most positive possible as I’m sure it’s the best in the field.

So stop wasting money and time and click here for the free trial of Jaaxy

Your Thoughts

Are you considering trying Jaaxy?

Have you used any keyword research tools besides Jaaxy?

If so, which one is the best in your opinion?

I’d love to hear about it. If you have any questions or if there’s anything I can help you with please let me know.

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