Is Easy1Up a Scam? The Verdict

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Easy1Up Review

  • Name: Easy1Up
  • Website:
  • Price: $25-$500
  • Owners: Peter Wolfing
  • Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Easy1Up Review

Easy1Up, Product Overview

There is quite a good number of people talking about Easy1Up lately. Maybe for this reason you ended up on this page. If so, you came to the right place because I decided to take my time and do some research to find out more about it.

Easy1Up has been pretty aggressive on social media and other funnels on the net. Chances are you saw one of their ads and decided to investigate to find out if it’s a legit business opportunity or not.

If that’s true, I have great news for you! You’re doing your research before simply believing everything you see on the internet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there, and those that jump in headfirst are usually the ones that suffer the most.

But today you made a great decision to educate yourself about one of them. I know you’ve been asking yourself, is Easy1Up a scam? So, get ready to know for sure what this company is all about. Let me start by showing you some pros and cons.


  • Quick way to make money
  • Good short-term compensation plans


  • The owner’s info is not readily available
  • Lack of solid information about the products
  • Cash gifting scheme
  • No residuals

Who is Easy1Up For?

Unfortunately, I have to agree that it’s for desperate and uneducated people looking to make easy money online. The low price of $25 to start along with an easy to understand formula appeals perfectly to this market.

Easy1up Review
Money is the driver. Please don’t get me wrong. I like money too. Who doesn’t? Besides, that’s what we’re all here for. But one thing that attracted my attention is how much emphasis they give to all the commissions you can make, and all the money that will be coming in. But what about helping others, by providing products or services that improve people’s lives?

Easy1Up Product

In fact, I always thought companies needed a product or service to be successful. That was before I learned about Easy1Up. Well, maybe they proved me wrong. Because there are simply no products or services offered. Yep, you heard it right. There’s no actual product or service being offered at Easy1Up!

You must be wondering how that can be. I just think it’s amazing what people are doing nowadays. This actually reminds me of a mail system I bumped into once. It was a gifting system I received in the mail. Essentially, you chose what amount you wanted to give as a gift before you were included in the gifting network. The process is the same thing with Easy1Up, but on steroids, as it uses the power of the world wide web to reach more people.

Of course the owner is the first one getting paid. If you think about it, it’s a very simple process. Let me take my time to break it down so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Basically, gifts are exchanged. The recruiter, or affiliate receives a range that goes from $25 to $500 from each person he or she introduces to the program.

How Easy1Up Works

As I mentioned before, I bumped into a cash gifting opportunity once. This was probably because this type of activity was very big in the 80s and 90s. It works by gifting people and expecting others to do the same for you. So when you become a member you’ll then be able to resell the packages and profit from it as well.

That’s where “direct earnings” come from. Essentially, all earnings from your sales go straight to your PayPal account. It’s a ‘reverse 1 up’ unlimited depth type of compensation scheme. Essentially, you get your first referral’s commission but give the second to your sponsor. Then, you keep every commission after.

Easy1up Cash Gift
As part of the compensation plan, gifts between $25 and $500 are given to the affiliate who brought them in. Once you make the first payment, you’re then eligible to receive commissions from people you introduce to the system.

These payments are made using the unilevel structure. Let me explain what that is. It happens when each member makes their second payments to the person that introduced them to the system. The member only gets to keep every commission after that happens.

The amounts of the payments depend on the package the person bought. The highest package you purchased, the higher your eligibility to receive bigger commission payments will be. For example, if you purchased a $500 package (top shelf), you’re automatically qualified to receive the Easy1Up affiliate commissions across all lower packages that you sell.

Easy1Up Price

Basically, if you want to be part of the system, you’ll need to purchase their so-called products. You must’ve seen their explanation on their video but let me explain it a little more in detail for you. See the “products” below:

  • $25 – Elevation (additional $5 “admin fee”)
  • $100 – Elevation Elite (additional $5 “admin fee”)
  • $250 – Vertex (additional $5 “admin fee”)
  • $500 – Vertex Elite (additional $50 “admin fee”)

If you purchase the $25, you’ll be eligible to the $25 commission. If you purchase the $100, you’ll be eligible to the $100 commissions, and so on, all the way to the $500, which will make you eligible for the $500 commissions.

But can you really make the $500 commissions with it? Yes you can, as long as someone else purchases it uses your unique link. If you purchase the smaller packages, then you can only receive commissions that are relative to those packages you bought. So if you bought the $25, don’t expect to be receiving $100 or more.

cash gift easy1up
But say you bought the $25 and the person you sold it to bought the $500 deal. In this case, the commission will go to the person who introduced you to the system.

The admin fee is nothing but the way the owner makes his money. Smart guy! He puts a system together, gets a network of people involved, and creates a transaction fee that goes directly to his checking account without any sweat.

My Final Opinion of Easy1Up

People are desperate to make money online. Many of them end up joining the first program they see, often because of the quality of the ads or sales pitch presented to them. Because of that, many end up joining gifting programs like this. The problem is that cash gifting can only last so long. There’s no residual income, as you’ll need to constantly be recruiting.

If you have plans to make money online in the long term, you should be investing your time in something that will be beneficial to yourself, your family, and the people you’re relating with, and not selling something that has no true value.

As I said earlier, the owner is the only one receiving those residuals. The way he designed it is pretty smart in a sense that you get paid 100% commissions quickly, then move on to the next sale, while he’s getting paid the admin fees.

My Suggestion to You

Do your research first. Make sure you know what it takes to perform in any programs you choose. The ability to make money online should not depend on a particular program you choose to join. If you’re starting now, don’t just think about making money or getting rich quick. It doesn’t work that way.

Those people bragging about how much money they make with Easy1Up can certainly do the same with any programs so making money online is not only about Easy1Up.

The amount of information available to you is just amazing. So make use of it. Now, if you’re looking for a program that will give you the support you need as a beginner, the opportunity to build your own business based on a niche you’re interested about, and the possibility to create residual income, then I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate, which I’m personally a member and one of the top helpers.

amazing laptop life
It’s the biggest network of Internet marketers on the web. It provides thousands of training videos and tutorials, all free. With the starter membership you get two (2) free websites and the knowledge you need to kick start your entrepreneurship journey.

Just be advised that whichever program you decide to join; there are no shortcuts to be successful. You’ll need to put an effort to it to make it happen. In other words, you’ll need to work for it. If you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below.

Best of luck to you!


Easy1Up at a Glance

  • Name: Easy1Up
  • Website:
  • Price: $25-$500
  • Owners: Peter Wolfing
  • Overall Rank: 20 out of 100



20 Responses

  1. Tony

    Thank You for your review of easy1up. It sounds too good to be true which defines yet another ponzi scheme. It is also interesting to know there is no product. If you don’t buy the $500 package and a buyer purchases one with your link, then who receives the rest of your commission? The owner will along with the admin fee. There are too many of these such programs out there that are just gaining in popularity. You are right though, this will only be short term while the buyers move onto other such programs.

    • Marcus

      Yes Tony, ponzi is a good word. It also amazes me there’s no product involved in the scheme. In regards to your question, if you purchase say the $25 and you make a sale of $500 then the person who introduced the scheme to you will get the rest of the commission, according to my research. You only get the $25. But yes, it is a short-term thing as I bet you can only invest so much time into doing it. After you make some money you’ll probably be moving somewhere else to invest it.

  2. Patricia

    Great piece! It looks a well researched thorough article. Thanks for the heads up on this scheme.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Patricia, I appreciate. It’s my pleasure to make this available to people like you. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Roberto

    Great article. It’s always important for people to research as much as possible before picking something that they like, and your articles help a lot. I also recommend WA, it’s an excellent platform. Would you write something about multilevel, too? Tks.

    • Marcus

      Hey thanks Roberto. I agree you should always take your time to research any online opportunities you bump into. And it’s great you’re familiar with WA too. Are you a member? Now, regarding multilevel, what exactly do you have in mind? Is there any particular program you’ve checked out online which you’d like more info about? It’d be my pleasure to write a review. Let me know.

  4. Garen

    The entire online making money niche is very heavily saturated with lots of different programs. I think a lot of people looking to get into the online money making niche can afford $25. I really believe the owners of these sites know this and exploit people. They know that if people spend $25 and lose money they are probably not going to be all that mad when they sign up and it doesn’t work out.

    I really don’t like these types of systems to make money. Start you off with a low fee than you need to upgrade to another, and so on and so on. I believe Empire Network uses this same exact business model. I do believe the FTC actually cracked down on them and labeled them as a “Ponzi Scheme”.

    • Marcus

      Hey Garen, I agree the $25 membership is where investors are getting most of their money. I can’t agree it’s a scheme though. I did read somewhere they got legal rights to operate. It seems they proved in court they got what it takes to do so, even though there’s no product or service involved. See Peter Wolfing’s explanation I found at Ethan Vanderbilt’s site:
      “The design of easy1up is nothing more than an affiliate program like clickbank and JVZoo except it has a bonus leverage aspect that one sale rolls up to the trainer. It’s not rocket science. JVZoo and Clickbank affiliates sell digital products all the time and get 50%-90% commission. Yet they are not a scam. Easy1Up and my other programs do the same thing yet you call them a scam. They just reward people for bringing in JV partners as in the affiliate vernacular where traditional affiliates programs do not.”
      In my opinion, they’re in the border line. And for that reason I rated it a 20 out of 100.

  5. Stefan Vogt

    Uhi, hand’s off this one. I heard a lot of these snowball systems. I thought it was illegal? Mabe not if they cover it as a gifting system. Thanks for the warning, Easy up1 = easy 25 go lol.

    • Marcus

      Yes Stefan, thanks for stopping by. They are legal to operate and it is a legit system. Would I join them? Hummmm…

  6. Ilias

    Hi Makrus, I have not tried Easy1up but I was hoping to see something better.

    I have paid before for a program with no “product” before and it also had different levels of membership to earn commissions. In my opinion, on sites like this one most people do not earn money.

    Thanks for sharing, your review really helped me.

    • Marcus

      Thanks for sharing your experience Ilias. I would agree with you that most people don’t make money in sites like this. Probably because they invest their money and expect to get it back or to start making money automatically. Just like anything else, you need to work for it. Is it the simplest way to make money? That I’m not sure

  7. Mr. Progress

    Hey, thanks for your review! Didn’t really know what Easy1up was at first and had some doubts. Thanks for laying things out in this extensiive article and for being honest. Seems like it is not really something for me personally. Anyway, great article about the company.

    • Marcus

      Hey Mr. Progress, our job is to inform readers about the different programs out there, so they’re able to make an informed decision. I’m glad the review helped you with that as well. At least we know this is not for you. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Take care

  8. Nate Kidd

    I was in Easy1Up for a while and it is definitely not something I would suggest to others. There is actually not a product which is the first red flag to me. I trusted another business partner and joined but definitely regret it.

    The people at the top (sponsors and the owner) makes the money. It was so hard for me to explain to others what Easy1Up was actually about because there was not a real product so the business model in my opinion was flawed. I know some people that are in it but it definitely is not legit in my opinion.

    I really enjoyed your review.

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your feedback Nate. You’re actually the first person I know that had some experience with it. What I heard is that there’s not much support as everyone’s pretty much on their own after they joined, and that if you don’t have a good mentor who’s interested on your success you’ll simply be left behind.

  9. Renato dos Reis

    Hey there Marcus,

    Thanks for the very informative article!
    In today’s world there is so many people who are struggling and are looking for these quick ways to make extra cash.

    Every second one seems to be a scam which is very unfortunate! Thanks so much for reviewing Easy1up. I will definitely stay clear of this one.

    • Marcus

      Hey Renato, thanks for your feedback, and for sharing your opinion about Easy1Up. It’s interesting how you have a formed opinion about it though. I guess the whole idea of cash gifting and the fact there’s no product involved scare people like you away. Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care

  10. Frank Uratani

    Ok, I got it Marcus. Buyers beware!
    Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

    Thank you Marcus! I will be on the look out. But y’know
    I don’t need to. I’m a member of an affiliate program that
    is not a scam. And that’s Wealthy Affiliate.

    See you at the top!


    • Marcus

      Hey, great, Frank! I know you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate already. I see you there all the time. I read all your success stories buddy. But hey, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I appreciate. Take care now

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