Video marketing is a big thing online. Many people are using YouTube nowadays to search and find information. In fact, the site is my first option on a lot of my searches. But video marketing is still very underused by marketers. People don’t do it because they feel it is complex. They don’t know how to get started, or how to do it.

But video is extremely popular among web surfers, or people on the Internet. People love video! With higher bandwidth Internet available, it has become easier for people to access it. Some sites even play them automatically while you browse. Video marketing is one of the most important online marketing strategies you can take.

Video Marketing

Video is easier than you may think. Now you may be worried or thinking “wow it’s difficult, I can’t do video.” Of course you can, it’s easy! Anyone can do video. My 10-year old niece can do video, and upload it to YouTube. It’s really, really simple! Honestly, it is. Let me show you some considerations you need to take on how to create marketing videos.

Search Engines and Video Marketing

Search engines love videos. How many times have you typed or entered some keywords into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, looked to the results, and then found videos in the top 5 on the first page? Interestingly, one of the good things about it is when Google displays them directly; they include links to other video directories with well-ranked results.

Not only that, you find them all the time in the video results themselves. You have to be a video marketer if you want to maximize your profits.

Videos rank very well. Google recognizes the fact that people want to watch videos and as such are specifically displaying videos within the search engine results. Type a couple of keywords and go have a look and you’ll see a box with 4 to 6 videos in, relating to that niche. If yours is in there, you can do very well.

The Power of Cell Phones

All you need is a mobile phone. Most of those have cameras these days, a video camera, or digital camera, or even a webcam. Most people have access to one of these, and that will allow you to record live action videos. Put up a sheet behind you so people don’t get distracted with what’s going on in your room, grab yourself a microphone, and just talk to the camera about something. There you are, you’ve got a video. You can submit that and use that straight away.

Video Marketing

Alternatively, you can use screen capture software such as Camtasia, or Camstudio, or many other pieces of software. That will enable you to capture the screen while you’re explaining something on your computer. You could also use Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows, or iMovie for Mac to edit videos. They’re free, they’re easy to use, and you can create high quality videos very quickly.

Make Your Video Short and to the Point

It’s important to make sure your video is short and to the point. Many article directories have a limit as to how long yours can be. Don’t make them too long or they will rumble. Make it to the point, but ensure it’s entertaining. Yes, make sure your voice is animated. Avoid the read out loud pitch. Otherwise, all you’re going to do is to put people to sleep. Make it entertaining! Sound passionate, and enthusiastic; as if you love the subject you’re talking about.

Now I know that some subjects can be tricky to get that passion out there, but make sure you sound enthusiastic, because you have to grab your viewers’ attention. If in the instant your viewers watch your video and think, “oh gosh this is boring”, they’ll turn it off. Use some music at the beginning, or an interesting screen that grabs people’s attention, or anything to get them in and get them viewing your video.

Use Keywords Wisely

You need to make sure you know what your keywords are, or your tags in the video directory. Your tags are basically your keywords. Now you can opt to do normal keyword research, or you can find the top videos on YouTube and use the same tags as them. If you do that, then your videos are more likely to appear in the related videos list, which is going to help you get more traffic from these popular videos.

Socially Bookmark Your Sites

You can socially bookmark your sites. You can use one of my favorite sites, TubeMogul. You can also use source sites such as Wired, Digg, Stumbledupon, Delicious…, but my favorite is TubeMogul. This is a fantastic site, because what it will do, it’ll submit your video to half dozen or so different websites automatically. It’s very very powerful. If you have to do it manually, then of course you have to wait for each video to upload, which can take some time.

With TubeMogul, you upload it once essentially, and they distribute it out. Absolutely fantastic! You can submit RSS feeds. Take your RSS feeds and submit them into directories, and to news aggregators. Put them on your own Google Chrome, Yahoo, or MSN dashboards, and so on. YouTube and many others will give you RSS feeds.

Set Google Alert. It’s a very useful service offered by Google. It sends you notifications every time there’s an update in a particular site you registered. What I’d recommend is to just set a Google Alert for either your video name or your website address so you can see where it’s uploaded to. You’ll be surprised how many websites will pick it up.

Video Marketing

Create a Competitve Advantage

Videos will appear everywhere. As they’re syndicated through other websites, they grab content from video directories. So your video will soon appear all over the place. I mean, I’m always shocked at how many sites will pick up a video, I often find them in the weirdest places, just keep in mind they’re all backlinks and they’ll all get you new traffic, and that’s what is important.

Now, video is emerging as a very powerful and effective method to getting traffic. It’s still very underused by marketers. And it’s a method that you can use to really give yourselves a boost in the search engines and get more traffic and so increase your earnings.

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I love feedback. Please drop a line in the comments below if you can think of any good (or bad) experiences you had with video marketing.