Affiliate Marketing Masters Review – The Honest Truth

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  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Masters
  • Website:
  • Price: $497.00
  • Owners: Ryan Hildreth & Tanner J. Fox
  • Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Affiliate Marketing Masters Course

The course teaches you marketing products and services online in exchange for commissions offered by affiliate networks. It’ll show you how to sign-up, be accepted, and how to use the power of social media (no following needed to start) and its inexpensive means to get traffic, which will generate sales.

It’ll also teach you how to create websites and landing pages where you can direct that target to. But first, it’ll help you to choose a niche and to be an expert on it, and how to effectively market products and services.

If you’re in the market for affiliate marketing courses, after you read this, you’ll have a great understanding about the Affiliate Marketing Masters Course by Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox.


Affiliate Marketing Masters

The Good & the Bad

Although Ryan and Tanner are very young, they’ve proven to be very successful with internet marketing. Ryan started his career as a financial advisor working in an investment bank.

As a college dropout, he then developed his social media marketing skills by mastering Tai Lopez’ Social Media Marketing Agency course online and starting his own social media agency. Not too long later, Ryan uploaded his own Social Media Marketing course to

Tanner is also a college dropout who started doing internet marketing in 2015. His career started on his junior year while at Cal State Fullerton. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he played sports, with Hockey being his favorite.

However, he had a passion for fitness and nutrition. While in college, he had various minimum wage jobs, which got him frustrated at the tiny paychecks he used to get. While looking for a solution to this matter, he spent numerous hours watching YouTube videos and learning from successful people how to start his own business online.

He then learned about selling products at Finally, he launched his own Amazon FBA course before partnering with Ryan Hildreth to form the Affiliate Marketing Masters course.



  • Short course
  • 2 months of free consultation
  • Humble teaching demeanor


  • Expensive start up cost
  • No ongoing coaching
  • No refunds


Who is Affiliate Marketing Masters Course For?

The Affiliate Marketing Master Course is targeted to entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. It’s also for experienced people looking to scale their affiliate marketing business.

It’s intended for business people looking to build something on the side to generate income, and to those who want to eventually make it full time.

Beach Computer

Affiliate Marketing Masters Course Tools & Training

The class curriculum is formed of 9 modules and a live campaign walk through. Training is done through the videos that are made available to the student right after sign up. There are about 30 videos, each at around 15 minutes.

Although, the entire course should take about 20 hours, you work at your own pace, while having the support of the community and the owners.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Course Support

The entire course was uploaded to The support is done through access to the owners via email or by the Facebook group where 400 students can exchange valuable information and get the help they need from each other. Tanner and Ryan are regularly seen on the group answering questions and engaging in the conversations.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Course Price

The course is priced at $497.00 including access to the private Facebook group where, and a direct email mentorship for two months.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Marketing Masters Course

It’s worth it. However, as it might be aimed at high school, and college students, the cost of the course is a little too high for what it offers, even though Tanner and Ryan share on their bios some of the difficulties they had as students and how they lived from paycheck to paycheck while in college.

Although it’s costly, it’s a great investment as it’s straight to the point. Their teaching style is very down to earth and enjoyable. Their personality has probably helped them with their success as they’re pleasant to listen to.

They’re fun and entertaining. As millennial themselves, they appeal very well to people their age. Like boasting about their financial achievements, like super cars and trips.


computer iphone


So with all that said, is The Affiliate Marketing Course a good bet?

I think so. Do I think it’s the best in the market? Hummm, maybe not. But if you’ve decided Affiliate Marketing is for you and you want to get a share of this billion dollar industry, this course could probably help you with it. I can certainly see the passion on these two entrepreneurs, and a great room for advancement, as both are young, and show a great desire to reach the top.

In fact, it’s easy to see the grit they have to make it happen. Not only to grow their own business but most importantly, to help others to achieve their financial freedom while doing something they like.

My #1 Recommendation

However, if you ask me which affiliate marketing program I’d jump in, I would tell you about Wealthy Affiliate. Simply put WA is the biggest affiliate marketing network in the world, and one of the most renowned networks in the industry.

Owners Kyle and Carson bring more than 15 years of experience. They put together a network of affiliate marketers that are given the choice of picking one of two routes; to start your own niche website, or to promote their own affiliate marketing program.

Essentially, there are close to 800,000 marketers registered. People interact with each other through blogs, questions, and a chat room. The 7 first days are totally free, and if you decide to take advantage of the content included in the premium membership, the first month will only be $20.00. That gives the newbie to try it out and find out for himself/herself.

You can be a free member for as long as you want. But if you decide to go premium, membership goes to regular price of $49/month on the second month, but the new member has the option of getting it at $350/year. It includes 25 hosted websites and 25 blogs, as well as mentoring from hundreds of successful affiliate marketers and the option of private messaging to the owners anytime, who make themselves available almost 24/7.

On top of that, there are live video classes, a keyword research tool, a domain research tool and much more.

Read more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Masters Course at a Glance…

  • Name: Affiliate Marketing Masters
  • Website:
  • Owners: Ryan Hildreth & Tanner J. Fox
  • Price: $497.00
  • Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100





18 Responses

  1. May

    Thank you for this info. It sounds interesting. I however think that it is too expensive.

    • Marcus

      Hi May, I have to agree it’s a high starting cost. And there’s no support after two months. A lot of valuable information though

  2. deraj

    I’m really confused that I should go after “Affiliate Marketing Masters” or your No. 1 recommendation “Wealthy Affiliate”. It will be more helpful if you can guide me. Thank you.

    • Marcus

      Hi Deraj, they’re both legit programs. I just think that Wealthy Affiliate has a greater value. They have an established platform with a huge network of online marketers. And the price is more accessible.

  3. Charlie

    HI Marcus, I just read your post, I am interested in looking up both programs and after reading your post you got me thinking more about Affiliate marketing and starting an online business.

    • Marcus

      Hey Charlie, that’s great! You should take advantage of the free trial and sign up right away. Make sure to add me as a friend when you’re in. And let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

  4. Stefan Vogt

    Hi Marcus
    I am still glad I joined Wealthy Affiliates. The Affiliate Marketing Masters Course sounds to be quite alright but I don’t think they can teach me more than I learn in WA.
    The price is definitely a con for me to even give it a try. All the education you mention I get in the WA program forever at a low price of not even a Dollar a day.

    • Marcus

      I agree Stefan. I’m sure they each have their own perks and some great information too. But why pay more for less content? At least that’s how I feel. Take care

    • Marcus

      Great Daniel! Yes branding is everything! It’s why we’re in business. If we can understand it just a little more than our competition, we’ll have an advantage over them. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Nate Kidd

    I agree, I think this course is a little too expensive. I like the fact that they teach you how to join some of the Affiliate Networks. Some Affiliate Networks are hard to get approved for so this course could good in that aspect.

    I am not a fan of facebook and email being the only forms of communication and especially if I am spending so much money for a course that does not have ongoing coaching or support.

    I do believe it probably is a great course but you definitely can find courses that offer ongoing support. The internet marketing game changes to fast for someone to pay for a course that is not continually updated.

    Thanks for sharing. This review was awesome.

    • Marcus

      Hey Nate, thanks for your input. It’s true they contract with outside platforms to provide their services (teachable and facebook), so yes you do need to be emulating from one platform to another. One thing I don’t like about those Facebook groups is that you cannot see the list of trainings or discussions. You have to scroll down and look at everything, or search for it. So unless you know what you’re looking for you’ll have a hard time finding it. The course itself is good, despite the lack of solid experience from the coaches. The price…yes, a little bit salty for starters. Again, thanks for stopping by

  6. Vince

    Thanks for this review Marcus.
    I’ve been doing some comparison on a few of the Aff Marketing courses and I must say, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best value and largest community support which has a great range of new content which is being added.

    • Marcus

      I have to agree Vince. The amount of support and information available at Wealthy Affiliate is just priceless. Thanks for your input

  7. Maurice Jackson

    The review of Affiliate Marketing Masters is honest and truthful and I thank you for that. I also appreciate you pointing out an alternative. Your transparency is to be admired. But I will have to choose the Wealthy Affiliate Program

    • Marcus

      Maurice, my goal with this site is to help users make an informed decision. The Affiliate Marketing Masters is a great buy. But nothing compared to what Wealthy Affiliate offers. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for more options and will post them here. Please visit us often for more news

  8. Mr. Progress

    Hey, thanks for the article! I’m currently enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate and absolutely love it, but am always looking for other options. Haven’t come across a better option yet, though. Would recommend WA to everyone looking to learn affiliate marketing.

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your input Mr. Progress, I also believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform available in the market. The amount of content and support you get with its affordable membership is priceless. Thanks for your input

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