About Me

My name is Marcus, a digital marketing enthusiast. I help people with an interest in online jobs, to create a residual income working from their laptops.



I’ve always had an interest in technology. The reason I pursued a master’s degree in information systems was because I wanted to work for myself as a consultant one day. I’ve been a Business Analyst for the past few years. Climbing the corporate ladder was just too damn time consuming! Not to mention the lousy rewards. I knew I didn’t want to be working in an office anymore.


So I made a move. At first, I thought about opening an online marketing agency as I had some experience managing social media accounts for a few organizations. While doing my research, I learned about affiliate marketing so I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, and fell in love with it.


The biggest difference in this case is that with affiliate marketing I’ll be working from home 100% of the time, whereas with the social media marketing agency, I’d still need to deal with customers. And I’ll tell you what, I’ve done enough of that!



So my goal now is to share this opportunity with you. I’d like to teach you about many different ways to make a profitable living online. I’m not saying my way is the only way. Believe it or not, there are many different ways to make a living online.


It’ll be my pleasure to share with you all the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired so far. Not that I consider myself to be an expert in the industry, but I can tell you for sure I have an amazing team of qualified folks to back me (and you) up.



The biggest purpose of this blog is to help people like me finding legitimate opportunities to make money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to make $20 a month taking online surveys for example, or if you’re like me and want to make it happen and create a home-based business.


The idea of working from home frightens many people. Of course, there are scammers all over the internet. Even research is biased nowadays. So what do you do? You simply cannot trust any sources of information you find online. Hence, there are numerous people that fall short with the dream of working online because they got sucked into some of these scams.


The ultimate goal of this site is to identify the different programs and methods, and categorize them so you can make an educated decision about finding your “Amazing Laptop Life”. If you want to see how you can make a living working from your laptop then click the link below. It will take you to a review I wrote that explains what exactly it is that I do, how it works, and how others can get started without any investment or experience.


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All the best,


Marcus Mendonca – Founder
Amazing Laptop Life